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The Rules of the Game - News“Life is a game, badminton is serious” a badminton slogan says. This motto perfectly sums up the content of the present work, in which I am going to explain how I drew on the feeling of disorientation and misplacement I felt when I played badminton for the first time with my boyfriend and a group [...]Read More
The Importance of the Ending and the Case of The Servant (1963) - News

Since they appeared on the planet, human beings have always felt the need to find a sense in their lives and they’ve expressed this necessity through a number of different forms of art, from cave paintings, to music and literature. In fiction, writers have worked out a way to make sense of their characters’ lives […]

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Writing for Film and Writing for TV: Adapting Sherlock Holmes - News

Some of the best writing is happening in television.  With new networks like Netflix and Amazon hungry for quality content, there’s never been a more exciting time to get into TV Writing. In fact more and more writers work in both film and TV, either simultaneously or at different phases in their careers. Nevertheless, not […]

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Facing grief: a comparison between “Lourdes” and “Million Dollar Baby” - News

“She’s not asking for God’s help, she’s asking for mine!” “She’s not asking for God’s help, she’s asking for mine!” boxing trainer Frankie Dunn, main character of Million Dollar Baby (2004), answers his priest Father Horvak when the former asks the latter for some advice about how he should handle his junior athlete Maggie’s delicate situation. This […]

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Crêpes (2018) - Portfolio

How do you convince a terminally-ill person that there is still something worth living for? When Elizabeth is told that chemotherapy didn’t work, she refuses to undergo any further treatments and let the disease run its course.

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What is the future of media? - News

“Distracted from distraction by distraction” -T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets, Burnt Norton-

This picture sounds surprisingly suitable to describe an emerging trend in modern society when it comes to media consumption. In other words, people escape boredom (distraction) by plunging into (getting “distracted”) media content (“distraction”). Social media consumption is evolving due to technological advances and people are increasingly making time to consume easily accessible media content in innovative ways.

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“I had many occasions to appreciate Sweta’s interest in the craft of writing stories for the big screen and her enthusiasm for the work she was doing. Also the level of Sweta’s academic and creative writing – its clarity and accuracy – is high.”

– Paolo Braga, Professor of Screenwriting for Cinema and Television in the School of Foreign Languages and Literature at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan

“Sweta is a true team member and leader of any responsibility. In her work, she has always showed a real sense of understanding story, narrative and character.”

– Anthony Fox, Artistic Director of The New Theatre, Dublin

“While working on Crêpes, from the outset, Sweta displayed a mature professionalism which defied her years, and her tireless commitment, energy and dedication was inspirational to actors and crew alike.”

– Elizabeth McNally, professional actress who worked with Sweta on Crêpes

“I found working with Sweta a joy from beginning to end, the script, her interpretation and Handling of such a delicate subject was first class. Her knoledge of the subject was excellent. Would I work with Sweta again? Of course I would.”

– Sidney Kean, professional actor, who worked with Sweta on Crêpes

“My experience working with Sweta was very enriching. She has a strong sensibility to music and had a clear idea of the emotions she wanted my music to convey. We had very deep conversations on the role that music should play in the film and the approach that would work best ; she had this great ability to keep the perfect balance between letting me try things and giving me directions.”

– Romain Zante, Music composer who worked with Sweta on Crêpes

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