Sweta, the face of ST Films

Born in India, raised in Italy, living in Spain.

Sweta Tagliabue is a writer and director with a background in foreign languages and literature, English and Chinese in particular, but also French and Spanish. Sweta’s scholarly expertise lies in media management (film, television, and audiovisual media practice in particular), media creativity and innovation and event planning.

A former ballet dancer and pianist, Sweta has held a professional place in the media industry for 3 years. At the age of 18, she published her first book, In una galassia non molto lontana, an essay about the Star Wars saga, covering the elements of the 19th and 20th century European history, philosophy and literature that can be found in the Sci-fi saga. Sweta wrote an essay in Chinese to promote her first publication and won the 2012 Encouragement Award the Confucius Institute Cup International Composition Competition for Chinese Language Learners.

In 2014 she discovered her love of theatre and live performance, after working as a stage manager and assistant director on the play Friendly Fire by Gerard Humphreys at The New Theatre, in Dublin. The following year, Sweta entered the world of marketing and advertising, working at an advertising agency and representing Italian luxury brands such as Armani, Gucci and Prada on the International press.

In 2016 Sweta moved to London, where she completed her Masters in Screenwriting at the London Film School and she collaborated with several film makers as a screenwriter, script editor, AD and production coordinator. In autumn 2017 Sweta wrote, directed and produced her latest short film, Crêpes, which is currently competing in the festival circuit and which has been awarded for Best Short Film, Best SoundtrackBest Screenplay and Best First-time Director, while winning nomiations for Best Lead Actress and Best Costume Design.

Over the last three years, Sweta has explored the side of distribution and marketing and international sales of the film industry, collaborating with renowned sales and distribution companies such as Dogwoof and Altitude Film Entertainment. As a guest speaker for one of the events organised by China Unbound, Sweta also held talks and workshops illustrating the strategies that Western media companies who intend to do business with China should adopt.

Most recently, Sweta has moved to Madrid, where she was invited by Ilion Animation Studios to work as the Producer of an animated feature film, the first co-production between Spain and China. Additionally, Sweta continues working as a Screenwriter and Director, expanding her writing portfolio which now includes feature films, shorts, academic articles and fiction. Her knowledge of the most important European languages and cultures, her experience in working in Italy and the UK and her natural curiosity make approaching the Spanish and the Chinese film market an exciting opportunity for her.