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Bye Bye Baby (2017)

Would you trust your gang members when there are millions of pounds involved?

Bye bye baby is a Neo-Noir short film telling the story of three thieves, Alfred, his girlfriend Evelyn and Leonard who, on the run from the police, decide to spend the night in an abandoned motel. Alfred and Leonard both act according their own personal agendas but what they haven’t considered is that Evelyn has her own personal agenda as well.

Shot on film stock, the film will feature a Sin-City look and it will convey the suffocating atmosphere which is typical of the film Noir, where shadows dominate the scene, the space is redefined in order to create graphic effects which convey the feeling of displacement haunting the protagonists and the low key lightning portrays silhouettes which stand out in the frame and generate peculiar geometric shapes and visual effects.

Plot-wise, the film leads the spectator to think that a love triangle between the three characters has been set up, just to surprise them with a final shift which reveal the true theme of the story, that is to say betrayal. The Neo-Noir identity of Bye Bye Baby is expressed through the theme as well, since the concept of betrayal also suggests the fact that other people cannot be trusted, which causes the characters to feel lonely, vulnerable and lost.

Bye bye baby is easily marketable, since, as a Neo-Noir, it addresses a very specific kind of audience, who will recognize the atmosphere and the style of the film and who will enjoy the feeling of familiarity they’ll get in watching a film which meets their tastes, still managing to surprise them.

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