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Dissonance (2017)

How far can you go in helping a person who doesn’t do anything to help themselves?

Dissonance is a Drama short film telling the story of Emily who, sick and tired of putting up with her boyfriend’s addiction to weed, finds the strength to leave him, when she realizes that, despite all the love that she feels for him, there’s nothing left she can do to help him.

Shot on film stock, the film features a realistic look and it will convey that authenticity which is typical of dramas, where shadows and light are used to recreate ordinary environments, where the spectator feels at ease, which allows him to focus on the characters’ personalities. On that note, a lot of emphasis is put on characters, who are fully developed, they have virtues and flaws, bravery and pride as well as fear and weaknesses.

Plot-wise, the film starts by encouraging the spectator to empathise with the main character Emily. The audience feels her love for her boyfriend as well as her frustration for not being able to help him and her anger towards him for not being able to overcome his addiction. The final shift reveals the true theme of the story, that is to say finding the strength to accept that we can only help our dearests if they help themselves as well.

Dissonance is easily marketable, since, as a Drama, it addresses a very broad audience, who will enjoy exploring the several facets of these multi-layered characters as well as the feeling of familiarity they’ll get in discovering how much this story feels real and deeply rooted in contemporary society as well.