Creative consulting

St Films help screenwriters, directors and producers develop their scripts, understanding how to use tools such as story structure, a character’s arc of transformation, the core theme and zeitgeist through cinematic language to orchestrate the audience’s emotional response. We help filmmakers elevate a script to the highest quality.

Storyboarding and sketching

Drawing on our wide experience, ST Films sketch professional storyboards for short films, TV series and feature films and make detailed portraits of the main characters, bringing our clients’ visions to life.

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Drawing on our internationality and experience in working with cultures all around the world ST Films translate scripts from and into English, Italian, Spanish, French and Chinese, also providing simultaneous translation support on set.

Courses and workshops

  • Creative Storytelling: drawing from the techniques and tools of the extraordinary filmmakers of our time, we deconstruct movies to illustrate key concepts to understand the purpose of story structure, a character’s arc of transformation, the core theme, zeitgeist and how these are interwoven and enhanced through cinematic language.


  • Italian storytelling: the course includes detailed analysis of some of the most important adaptations of Italian Literature and biopics for the seventh art. Students will discover masterpieces of Italian Cinema, understanding the changes from the source material to the new text and identifying the resistance of literature.


  • Adaptation – the journey from fiction and other forms of storytelling to film: this course provides students with a new knowledge of humanities (particularly, but not exclusively Italian), from literature to cinema to biography.


  • The emerging Chinese cinema: using case studies of Chinese and Western collaborations in the media industry, the workshop will explore the differences in attitude, value and agenda that contributed to successful (and not so successful) partnerships.

Event package

ST FIlms organise Industry Q&A and panels, premières and launch parties. We also anticipate the unexpected, deal with unforseen circumstances and ensure transparency straightaway. This package also includes social networks management to advertise the event and production of marketing assets.