Feature films:

  • The Power of Ganesh: Autobiographical story about an adopted Indian-Italian lawyer who is sent to work on a child abuse case in India, where she gains a new understanding of both herself and her birth mother.
  • Pas de deux: The 30-year-old prima ballerina of L’Opéra de Paris is trying to reinvent her career as a choreographer when a sudden disease forces her to reconsider her priorities in life and gives her a second chance.
  • A dandy in Stratford upon Avon: A selfish and dishonest 30-year-old English TV producer is sent back in time to William Shakespeare’s time and, as he struggles to work out a plan to come back to the 21st century, he learns the values of honesty and cooperation.
  • The Child of Pleasure (adaptation of Gabriele D’Annunzio’s novel of the same name): A wealthy young man from the Roman high society, looking for endless pleasure ends up being a victim of his own lust.

Short films:

  • Crêpes (2017) as a writer, director and producer: A terminally-ill widow in her 60s realises there’s still something which is worth living for.
  • Bye bye baby (2017) as a writer: Three thieves, two men and a woman, spend a night in an abandoned motel, hiding from the police after robbing a bank but betrayal lingers in the group.
  • Dissonance (2017) as a writer: Sick and tired of her boyfriend’s promises that he will get off his drug addiction, a 25-year-old woman finds the strength to leave him.
  • Wires (2017) as a writer: Lilly, a cleaning lady overcomes her loneliness by connecting with the people in the building where she works through a switchboard.
  • 1947 (in pre-production): India, 1947. It’s only a matter of days before India is declared an Independent country. As the country is torn apart by the long lasting rivalry between Hindus and Muslims, the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and the British Vicereine Edwina Mountbatten are torn between their devotion to their people and their love for each other. Visual references avaible upon request.
  • Cabbie (2019): a compelling psychological thriller with Neo-Noir visual elements with a story of personal growth and women’s empowerment.

Academic writing:

  • In una galassia non molto lontana (trans. In a galaxy not so far away): published in 2011 by an Italian publishing company, it’s an analysis of the Star Wars saga and the connections between some of its elements and the 19th-and-20th century European literature, history and philosophy.
  • Screenwriting features in Neo-Noir films: this project is an analysis of some of the most relevant Neo-Noir works of our time, such as James Ellroy’s novel L.A. Confidential and its adaptation for the big screen, by screenwriters Brian Helgeland and Curtis Hanson, and the films The Insider and Collateral, by film maker Michael Mann.


  • The contemporary Chinese film market: this project looks into the way in which the Chinese cinema has evolved and changed over the last ten years.